Three Rikers Correction Officers Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Female Detainee For Over A Year

A female inmate on Rikers Island was raped four times by one Correction Officer and repeatedly sexually abused by two others, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed late last year in Federal Court in Manhattan, the existence of which has not been previously reported.

Meanwhile, a criminal investigation into the case by the office of Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark seems to be stalled. None of the men accused have been charged, even though surveillance video shows the officer who the woman says raped her taking her to a broom closet in the middle of the night, and an electronic recording device the woman employed for investigators captured the other officer admitting wrongdoing, says the woman’s lawyer, Paul Prestia.

“They’ve been investigating for many, many months now,” Prestia tells Gothamist. “They have the videotape. They seem to believe she was somehow to blame for what happened to her, though under the law she’s incapable of consent. They don’t seem to get that.”